Photo Retouching includes slight touch ups, minor removals, very minimal restoration.
Minor Photo Restoration includes removing some scratches, minor stains, adding sharpness, and restoring the background.
Moderate Photo Restoration includes repairing damaged areas, removing minor blemishes, and restoring tone and detail.
Major Photo Restoration includes removal of lettering and large creases, repairing torn edges and major holes in photos, and restoring tone and detail.
Extreme Photo Restoration includes removal of lettering and large creases, repairing torn edges and major holes in photos, reconstructing large missing pieces, and restoring tone and detail.

What is a digital photo montage?

Digital photo montage is also known as: DVD biography, digital photo album, DVD video slideshow or digital photo slideshow with music, which is a video clip created out of the compilation of still photos and/or video clips. Note: Slideshow is not necessarily a video unless it is encoded and interlaced with audio at a much higher frame rates (30fps for NTSC or 25fps for PAL).

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What is the content displayed in our website for each product?

For products from 3D Photo Montage Templates, 3D Flash Templates or 3d Intro Clips and their subcategories, a slide show (screen shots of final video clips) and the full video clips are displayed. You can switch back and forth by clicking the Slide Show and Sample Video (demo) button located at the right bottom of the Flash showcase.

For product from DVD covers and its subcategories, an image of sample template is displayed.

A slide show of all pages is displayed for products under Photo Album Template.

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What is unique about MIS 3D photo montage templates?

Almost all video production service use simple techniques such as 2D panning, zooming and transitions to create sense of motion.  Memory Imprint Studio employs 3D animation technologies to produce high quality 3D photo montage services.

With other video production services, customers won’t know their final product until they receive it. Our creative artists have created an extensive collection of 3D photo montage templates for you to choose and preview. You can preview slide show (frame captures of the video) and the whole sample video clip of each template, so you will have an accurate feeling of what your final video will look like. You can choose a template as unique as you and we will retouch your photos or videos and composite a breathtaking montage clip based on the template you choose.

Following is a sample video clip. For more of our sample video clips, please go to MIS YouTube Channel .

It appears that you do not have a flash player installted. To view a rich flash media, please click the following link to install (it is FREE).
Get Adobe Flash player
3d Photo Montage Clip in a Digital Photo Frame
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What is the final product from my order?

For the 3D photo montage and video editing /production services, the final product is a DVD disc that is compatible with almost all DVD players and can be played just like a Hollywood movie. It comes in a jewel case with a customized DVD cover and jewel case insert. Go to our blog site for some demos. We can also provide you with other video formats upon your request (extra cost may apply). The available formats includes but not limited to following: .flv, .mov, .H264 and .avi etc.  HD format will be supported in near future.

The final product for Flash template can be swf, or any video formats such as those in photo montage template.

The final product for DVD covers or Photo Album Template are jpg, png or other image file formats.

3d intro Clips are available in any available video formats including HD.

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How do I order and what happens after?

You choose a template from our website and be sure to watch the sample video of each template. If you do not see any template you like on our website, contact us for help, or use Quotation form.    The final product will be same as the sample video with your own photos or videos.  Place the order and check out with Paypal or credit card.  You will receive a confirmation email along with your receipt.  After we confirmed your order you should receive another email with instruction and login information about how to upload your media materials to our FTP server.  Reply the email when you are done with uploading your materials. You order will be processed as soon as we recieved your materials. We will composite the photo montage based on the template you choose.  We can produce an electronic version of your final clip for you to review at an additional cost.  Editing time will be charged for additional versions (unless due to our error). After we have your approval we create a high quality DVD disc and ship it to you. We will send you an e-mail notifying you that the item has been shipped.

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How can I control the video or audio playback in product page?

If you want to control the video clip or background audio playback, move your mouse to the bottom of the display content, a player control will popup as shown in the picture below. You can play, pause, or change audio volume.

Please note that the player control only shows when there is an audio or video clip playing.

Player Control For 3D Wedding Photo Montage
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Can I use my own audio track?

We have included an audio track in every template; however, you can use your own audio track.

You may decide what music to include and where to place it within the slide show. For copyright reasons you must either send us original retail CD's or allow us to download (purchase) your selection of music on-line at your cost.

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