Photo Retouching includes slight touch ups, minor removals, very minimal restoration.
Minor Photo Restoration includes removing some scratches, minor stains, adding sharpness, and restoring the background.
Moderate Photo Restoration includes repairing damaged areas, removing minor blemishes, and restoring tone and detail.
Major Photo Restoration includes removal of lettering and large creases, repairing torn edges and major holes in photos, and restoring tone and detail.
Extreme Photo Restoration includes removal of lettering and large creases, repairing torn edges and major holes in photos, reconstructing large missing pieces, and restoring tone and detail.
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3D Photo Montage

We create 3D photo montage videos and DVDs from your pictures, slides, and other meidia materials. Relive your memories with a custom 3D photo montage production.

It is perfect for wedding, holidays, graduation, reunions, funerals, memorial services, banquets, bar/bat mitzvahs…

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Photo retouch and restoration

Our photo restoration service repairs or retouchs your damaged photographs, negatives, slides or digital images. As part of photo restoration or photo retouch services, we do our very best to adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels.

Our photo restoration, retouching service erase scratches, replace missing or damaged areas, remove water damage, smooth out wrinkles. We guarantee to create the best possible results without damaging your originals.

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Photo Album and Graphic Design

We provides unrivaled photo album production services, from layout design, photo retouch to binding. Our new material will preserve your precious memory for generations to come. Our unique binding allows full double page panoramic printing with no cracks or seams down the middle.

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Video Editing, Transfer and Production

When you choose Memory Imprint Studio to edit your videos, we are not just stuffing your photos and video clips into machines. We go through your clips frame by frame to fine-tune the images, apply filters or special effects whenever necessary to denoise and enhance your clips in order to produce the best final product. Please take time to explore the special effects in our sample section.

We also can encode your video clips to any available format including but not limited to mpeg 2, divx, xvid, H264, quicktime, flash video, wmv, real media. We encode videos using up to 6 passes in order to preserve and enhance the quality of your memories.

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Web Design and SEO

Want to add some flavors to strike the best impression? We provide a host of services including web design, professional presentation CD, CD biz card to promote you and your company.

Our staff has years of web design experience for personal, community and ecommerce. We not only will professionally design your site to strike the best impression, but also optimize (SEO)it for the best search engine rank. After all, what good is it to have a website if you can't get found online? Contact us for a free consultation for details...

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Flash Animation and Ad Design

MIS also specializes in flash animation and graphic design for advertisement.

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Video Transfer

Do you know that the quality of your video Tapes degrades each day even if you do not watch them? DVDs will maintain a higher quality image much longer than video tapes. One DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video. Preserve your precious memories on DVD for future generations to enjoy!

We use state of the art hardware and software to capture your video and create professional quality DVD's that contains features available on many Hollywood titles. We transfer VHS, Hi8, Mini DV, HDV tapes to DVDs.

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